Little Girl Thinks She Meets Santa In Walmart & He Plays Along

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One little girl’s trip to Walmart got the sweetest surprise when she ran into a man who looked just like Santa.

While most people don’t want to be bothered by others while out and about, this “Santa” will melt your heart with the kindness he showed the precious little angel…

A Magical Day At Walmart

While all the adults have been running around trying to get everything done for the holidays – we often forget that it is the small moments in life that really make the holidays magical.

So as 3-year-old Sophie Jo Riley was walking around Walmart with her family, she was over the moon when she found out Santa – or in this case, a jolly man known as Roger Larck of Hurricane, West Virginia – was shopping at the same store!

Little Sophie approached the man and sweetly asked, “Santa?”

The Spirit Of Christmas

Luckily, this “Santa” was no Grinch. He jumped into asking Sophie all the questions he needed to make his list and check it twice. He asked if she’d been a good girl and what she wanted for Christmas. You could tell that she was completely overjoyed by her discovery of the magical man.

Santa Still Has To Share

As their sweet conversation continued, Sophie let “Santa” know that she was going to leave cookies out for him on Christmas Eve. But when he asked if they were all for him, she reminded “Santa” that he still needed to share with his reindeer.

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You can watch the whole adorable thing unfold in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!