Lorrie Morgan Shares Her Thoughts On Today’s Country Music

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As the daughter of Country Music Hall of Famer George Morgan, Lorrie Morgan grew up on country music. She later went on to pursue a career in the genre herself, and has since sold over six million records.

Throughout her career, Morgan has charted over 25 singles and has taken three of them to the top spot. Just a few of her most notable songs include “Five Minutes,” “What Part of No,” and “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.”

After being in the music industry for so long, Morgan has watched the entire business change right before her eyes. Speaking to Florida Today, she talked about social media as one of the main sources of change. “It all evolved, so as an artist I had to evolve along with it…Before social media, everything about you was somewhat a mystery, and that is not such a bad thing either,” she said.”There are pros and cons to it, but I love being able to share album info, tour dates and having that relationship with the fans.

As for the state of country music itself, Morgan has seen that change dramatically as well. Today’s country music has more of a pop influence than the music Morgan grew up on or recorded herself. While Morgan admitted that she is a fan of pop music, she had some harsh words to say about its presence in country:

I really don’t even know what current country music is anymore. I am as flabbergasted as anyone and have no idea what is country and what is not anymore. I am not a fan of country today…Today’s country can’t be differentiated between pop, and you can’t tell them apart. Don’t mistake what I am saying, I love pop music. If you are going to be in the country category and call yourself a country artist, then stick with it.”

Morgan hinted at her plans to record a traditional-sounding album sometime in the future. She also hinted that the project would be a collaboration with country icon Pam Tillis. Although she knows that it probably won’t get much play time on the radio, she isn’t concerned about it.

Speaking about her newest album, Letting Go…Slow, Morgan said that she didn’t worry about it being played on the radio. All she really cared about was making a good album that she and her fans would enjoy. “I just wanted to sing songs I loved and I think because of it, I made a better album,” she said.

We think that Letting Go…Slow was a great album! Listen to one of its tracks below.

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