Luke Bryan And His Wife Wake Up Son With Hilarious Birthday Tradition

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

If you don’t follow Luke Bryan and his wife on social media, we have one question for you: What are you waiting for?

The married couple of 12 years aren’t afraid of making fools of themselves online, love a good prank, and enjoy embarrassing their children. In fact, around Christmas, they participated in what they called “12 Days of Prankmas.” The pranks included Luke growing out his mustache, which Caroline really didn’t like, and a fart machine.

Luke and Caroline proved that they are like that year round when their oldest son’s 11th birthday rolled around on March 18, 2019.

“So, uh, it’s early in the morning. It’s Bo Bryan’s birthday, and we do a a tradition every year,” Bryan said on his Instagram story.

That tradition is to wake up the person celebrating their birthday first thing in the morning and ambush them with a dance to “It’s Your Birthday” by 2 Live Crew member Luke.

Luke and Caroline got up extra early to wake up Bo, born Thomas Boyer Bryan, and it was absolutely hysterical.

Someone filmed them walking up the stairs to begin their ambush, and that was funny in itself. Caroline pressed play on her phone, where she was playing “It’s Your Birthday” from and the two began dancing crazily!

Caroline jumped on Bo’s bed to give him a big hug and continued dancing, thoroughly mortifying the now 11-year-old.

I told you 50 times not to play this song!” Bo said from under his covers. Even though he was a little embarrassed of his parents, he still had a big smile on his face!

Besides the dance, both parents posted a birthday tribute to their eldest son, Luke writing, “Happy birthday to Bo Bryan. The sweetest. Kindest. You are just perfect. I love you. 11. Hard to believe.

Caroline posted clips from their “Serenade Brigade,” but also included a cute photo of Bo, and wrote, “Happy 11th bday Bo! No matter how old you get…we will always wake you up with the ‘birthday song’!

Watch their hilarious song and dance for Bo’s birthday below.