Luke Bryan Calls Out Fan Holding Up A Blake Shelton Shirt At His 2017 Concert

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s no surprise that Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton have a playful relationship. Just take a look at their opening monologue from when they hosted the ACM Awards together back in 2013!

While they are good friends in real life, they love to razz each other…even when they’re not together!

Like he always does before his concerts, Luke Bryan was playing for his VIP guests in a very intimate concert.

While he was just about to start strumming the intro of his next song, an alarmed look overcame his face and asked a fan, “Why you holdin’ a Blake Shelton t-shirt up?

The whole crowd erupted in laughter as he added, “I don’t wanna see him!”

The fan in question told Bryan the real reason she brought the Shelton t-shirt – so he could draw a mustache on Shelton’s face. Thrilled to hear that this was the reason, Bryan said, “I’ll deface the hell out of that, yes!”

Even after all the harsh digs at each other, they proved that country’s favorite bromance is still alive and well when Bryan appeared as Shelton’s advisor on the 2017 season of The Voice.

We haven’t yet seen the finished project, but with Bryan’s creativity and love for making Shelton look like a fool, we’re sure it’s pretty hilarious!

Watch the video below.