NASCAR Team Yanks Crew After Hostile Pit Incident


After a rough and tumble altercation was captured on film following one of the worst wrecks this weekend, the team has suspended two of its personnel for three races.

During this past weekend’s NASCAR Cup Series Brickyard 400, a fiery crash happened between Martin Truex Jr. and Kyle Busch – one that was completely Truex’s fault and he issued a heartfelt apology over to Busch once they were off the track.

Tied for first and second position, Truex and Busch were running neck-and-neck when Truex got loose coming around a turn and slid across the track nailing Busch’s car and sending them both into the wall. Truex’s car caught fire against the wall while Busch’s shot toward the infield area and through traffic.

After the race, Truex owned up to the mistake, saying “I just got loose and wrecked him. Totally my fault. Didn’t really know what to expect in that position and didn’t really realize that he was going to drive in that deep and suck me around. I will take the blame for that and obviously it was my fault. I hate it for Kyle; he had a great car and we did as well, but that’s racing.”

While the drivers seemed to be handling the incident like gentlemen, their teams did not and a FOX Sports camera caught every bit of the trackside drama.

Busch’s crew chief, Adam Stevens and the team of Truex’s No. 78 got into a heated verbal exchange with a little bit of physical altercation after the immense frustration caused by the wreck for both teams. Stevens was headed over toward the garage area when he crossed rear tire changer, Lee Cunningham’s, area and he began clapping sarcastically at him. Seconds later, they were all involved in a spicy and heated incident.

The interesting part is that both teams are trained, managed, and hired by Joe Gibbs Racing. Both Truex and Busch’s teams are part of JGR because Furniture Row Racing has a partnership with them for supplying the team members.

So, essentially what happened is that Kyle Busch’s team owner (JGR) suspended two of Truex’s team members for the hostile altercation. Both Cunningham and front tire changer, Chris Taylor, have been issued a three-race suspension for the antagonizing and following conflict of Busch’s crew chief.

Furniture Row Racing team owner, Barney Visser, released a statement about the suspension.

Watch the full video of the pit road altercation below and let us know if you agree with this suspension in the comments.