Luke Combs Tweets Just Two Words & Everyone Goes Nuts

Luke Combs / Instagram

The Unstoppable Luke Combs

There’s no denying it, Luke Combs is unstoppable. The powerhouse singer has recently been shattering records left and right, and is likely still trying to process his New Male Artist of the Year win at the ACM Awards.

With that new trophy to his name, an album that has spent 98 weeks on the Billboard chart, and one of the biggest songs in country music at the moment (“Beautiful Crazy”), we’d say that Combs has a good thing going on right now.

Those accomplishments should be enough to tell you just how much country fans love Combs and his music. So any time he teases a big announcement, ears perk up.

He teased one such announcement in March, eventually revealing that he would be extending his Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour. Fans were thrilled to hear the news!

A Small Announcement With Big Implications

But that wasn’t all that Combs had in store. On Wednesday (April 24), he took to Twitter to hint toward another big announcement to come. Using just two words, Combs sent his followers into a frenzy as they tried to figure out the meaning of his message.

So what did the tweet say? It simply read, “Two weeks.”

Combs followed up that tweet with a second one, which included nothing but a link to his official website. The implication seems to be that whatever is happening or being announced in two weeks will take place there.

The Fans’ Reactions Are Priceless

Fans went bonkers over the two tweets, and many started speculating what they could mean. Since Combs already announced an extended tour, it seems likely that the release of new music could be on the horizon.

That’s at least what fans are wishing for! Many are hopeful he will be dropping a new album, while others are asking for nothing more than the release of “Beer Never Broke My Heart.”

Guess we’ll find out in two weeks what Combs was hinting at with his tweet! We’re sure his fans will have a fun time pondering over all of the possible implications until then.

What do y’all think Combs has up his sleeve? A new album? A new single? Or something else entirely? Whatever it is, y’all know it’s going to be good!