Luke Perry’s Final Movie Role Revealed In Stunning Billboard

YouTube / ENews, Instagram / Jack Perry

The late actor who was known for many famous roles throughout the decades has finally been revealed in what will become his final movie role – and the pictures are stunning.

A billboard set up in Los Angeles ahead of the premiere of the movie shows Luke Perry dressed and done up in full character for his role in the new Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

The film is a dramatic comedy set in 1960s Los Angeles and also shows a completely separate timeline for the same story about a tv actor and his stuntman friend try to make it big in Hollywood.

The cast is filled with big names and features lots of stars – even in small, short roles.

Perry was cast in a role to portray “Scott” who is based on real-life actor Wayne Maunder. Sadly, Maunder and Perry passed away just months apart – and both before the film was released.

Featured in a giant promotional billboard campaign for the movie, Perry’s casting as Maunder looks spot on – and Perry’s son decided to climb to the top of it and share a heartwarming tribute to his dad.

“Big premiere tonight. He deserved this, and I’m very proud of it,” Jack Perry wrote alongside a video of him climbing the billboard. “A stud in life, and forever after. The best of the best. Love you forever.”

What a way to remember his dad – and remember that his dad was doing exactly what he loved right up until his passing.

Watch the full video from Jack Perry below.