Man Bitten By Neighbor’s Missing Python While On Toilet, “Felt A Tweak”


An Austrian man got an unexpected surprise while taking care of business Monday morning.

According to Newsweek, the 65-year-old victim “felt a tweak” on his nether regions around 6 a.m. while sitting on the toilet. When the unnamed man looked into the toilet he came face to face with a 5-foot-long albino python.

The snake reportedly had escaped from a neighbor’s apartment where 10 other snakes and a gecko reside. Police are unsure about how the snake escaped, but stated that it “possibly entered the toilet via the sewer system.”

Werner Stangl/TODAY/YouTube

The victim was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for “minor injuries.” While pythons are not venomous, bites from the snakes can be painful and pose risks because they can carry diseases.

Reptile expert Werner Stangl was called to remove the snake from the toilet, and Stangl said that the rescue was a difficult task. According to Stangle, the reptile resisted his rescue efforts by “tensing its muscles and pressing itself against the toilet. It was eventually removed before being cleaned off and returned home.”

The python’s owner “shocked” by the incident and is being investigated for possible negligent assault charges.