Man Uses Fried Chicken To Catch 33-Inch Fish

Red Eye Film Productions LLC / Facebook (left) - Tampa Housewives / Facebook (right)

26-year-old John Taylor Timmons got the surprise of his life after hooking a 33-inch snook of the coast of Tampa using a piece of fried chicken from a Publix food market.

John was born in Tallahassee, Florida but currently lives in Savannah, Georgia, and decided to make a trip down south to visit his family and home state. They all wanted to get out of the house so they loaded up on a small boat to go fishing for some snook fish along the coast of Tampa.

No bait shops were open due to the lockdown, so they didn’t have any live bait to work with, however, before hopping on the boat they picked up some lunch from a local Publix food market which included some fried chicken.

Since the location they were fishing at was known to be very difficult to get bites, John decided to experiment and threw some of the fried chicken on the hook. Within seconds of casting, he felt a strong tug on the line. One of the family members on the boat began filming and John later had the video posted to Facebook. Check it out below!

“The snook around this popular sandbar are known to not bite on ANYTHING. Well, being the Florida Boy JT is, he figured he’d try throwing the state food of Florida on the hook. 10 seconds later this happened,” the post stated.