“May We All” Appreciate Florida Georgia Line’s Promising New Single With Tim McGraw?

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The modern country duo known as Florida Georgia Line had their imminent rise to fame back in 2012 when their single, the best-selling digital country song of all time in the United States, “Cruise” broke musical barriers and ensured the success of these young and clearly talented men. However, the duo decided to stray from their typical southern bad boy beats and pretty country girl serenades in order to venture out and create something with a larger message. Well, with a larger message comes the need for a larger amount of man power; and who better to recruit than country music icon Tim McGraw?

It was said that upon hearing the proposition and demo, McGraw was more than willing to bring in the big guns and collaborate with the heartthrobs!

The new upbeat and humble tune allows a smooth blend of the artists’ prominent voices and deems this new single a perfect backyard kickback song!

The nostalgic single that is sure to become your new mantra will be available on FGL’s new album “Dig Your Roots” which is set to be released on August 3rd! However, this promising album can be preordered NOW! Don’t miss out of this revolutionary album! For now, you can take a peek at the FGL and Tim McGraw collaboration below! Let us know what you think!