Scotty McCreery Dances On Stage To Brad Paisley Performing ‘Alcohol’ At 2012 Concert

YouTube/Justin Rhode

A sober Scotty takes advantage of his buddy’s hit song and looks like he might be making a bid for his run on DWTS!

The young country star appeared at fellow country singer, Brad Paisley’s, concert during the Hollywood Bowl in 2012 and showed off some of his epic dance moves – the like of which does not include Luke Bryan’s signature “shake”.

This hilarious moment captured by a huge country fan shows Scotty McCreery running around to different parts of the stage high-fiving┬álots of fans and then moving on to his own selection of dance moves! The youngster threw in some classics like the ‘shopping cart’ and lawnmower, among others while he enjoyed the Paisley’s chart-topper “Alcohol”!

Watch this incredibly funny video below and at about the 5 minute mark, you’ll see these quick-steps!