Contestant Survives Horrifying Accident During ‘America’s Got Talent’

YouTube/America's Got Talent

The man narrowly escaped death after his fiancee missed her target with a crossbow and left him dazed, in pain, and disappointed in their performance.

A Canadian stuntman and his partner took the stage during Tuesday night’s live shows on America’s Got Talent and all appeared to be going well.

First he did some impressive feats of sword swallowing, quickly moving on to their next segment: shooting a small target in his mouth with a flaming arrow!

The daredevil duo had undoubtedly practiced many times before, but for some reason, this performance went terribly wrong.

Ryan Stock held a bullseye target in his mouth at the end of a long spike that he used for sword swallowing, while his partner, AmberLynn, climbed a ladder with her crossbow.

She ignited the fuel on the arrows tip and carefully positioned herself to aim at her beloved. In just a flash of fire, you see her set loose the arrow and a nanosecond later see him get shot in the throat!

Luckily, Stock was not seriously injured in the (obviously terrifying) accident, and later tweeted that it was due to a “mechanical failure”.

Watch this scary clip, including the aftermath, below!