Member Of Country Duo Finds Gigantic Spider In Their Basement

Thompson Square / Instagram

Even the smallest of spiders are terrifying to some people. But even those who aren’t usually disturbed by spiders get a little freaked out by the larger ones.

So you can imagine the horror one member of a popular country duo experienced when they discovered a massive spider in their basement.

Thompson Square is a duo formed by husband and wife Keifer and Shawna Thompson. The couple got their big break in 2010 when their romantic single “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” went #1. They later went on to earn another #1 hit, “If I Didn’t Have You.”

Keifer and Shawna are still active performers. But they were home recently, which is when one of them discovered a ginormous spider in their basement.

We’re not sure if Keifer or Shawna made the post, but one of them took to Instagram to share a photo of a huge spider they found during a trip down to the basement.

Ok so I just found this thing in our basement,” the photo’s caption read. “What the h— kind is it????

The duo didn’t get many helpful comments about the spider’s identity, because their followers were just as horrified as they were:

Tell Australia to come back and get their creature,” one person commented.

Someone else said, “[That is] A move out of that house kind of thing.

I think I remember seeing this spider in Lord Of The Rings,” another commenter joked.

One person commented what many others were surely thinking, saying, “Please tell me it was a Halloween decoration??

Look below to check out the photo of the spider the Thompsons found in their basement…if you dare. How would you react if you found a spider like this in your home?