Mike Fisher Just Said Sweetest Things To Honor Carrie Underwood’s Birthday

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Carrie & Mike Spread The Love

With their ninth wedding anniversary approaching later this year, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have been able to celebrate a number of milestone moments together.

Over those nine years they have appeared at numerous awards shows, celebrated Mike’s 1000th NFL game, and have welcomed two beautiful baby boys.

Every time one of them accomplishes something remarkable, it isn’t long before their significant other takes to social media to gush. Mike is especially good at this, as he frequently brags up his wife whenever she achieves something great.

The fact that Mike rarely posts to social media is what makes his shout-outs to Carrie all the more special.


The Most Precious Birthday Post Ever

Most recently, Mike took to his Instagram to celebrate a huge event in his wife’s life…her birthday! Carrie turned 36 on Sunday (March 10), and he wanted to make sure he not only wished her a happy day in person, but on social media as well.

Mike shared a sweet snapshot to accompany his birthday note for Carrie. The picture shows the two of them snuggling in front of what appears to be a fireplace while they both smile at the camera.


But as cute as that picture is, it’s what Mike had to say that made his post truly swoon-worthy. His message was short, but sweet, as he praised Carrie for being a wonderful wife and fantastic mom to their sons Isaiah and Jacob.

He thanked her on behalf of their sons as well, writing, “Us boys are so grateful for you! Love you lots.”

How precious is that?

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A Helium “Happy Birthday” Song

Carrie’s two boys both have birthdays that are close to hers. Jacob was born just this year on January 21, while Isaiah recently celebrated his fourth birthday on February 27.

On Isaiah’s birthday, Mike shared a priceless video of Carrie holding baby Jacob while Isaiah sat by her side on another chair. Carrie sucked in a bunch of helium from one of Isaiah’s birthday balloons and sang him a funny, dramatic rendition of “Happy Birthday” that had the little fella crackin’ up. Be sure to check out that cute video below!

We hope someone was around to sing Carrie an equally impressive rendition of “Happy Birthday” when her big day came along!