Sadie Robertson Looks Happier Than Ever In These Photos With Boyfriend

Sadie Robertson / Instagram

On Valentine’s Day, Duck Dynasty darling Sadie Robertson revealed she had a new man in her life – and no, it wasn’t her nephew Zane!

She shared a photo of a good-looking guy in a baseball hat holding a huge teddy bear and a Valentine’s Day balloon with a thumbs up.

Robertson captioned it, “Celebrating this kind of love everyday, but with a teddy bear and balloons today. thank you for how you love and who you are.”

Even though it was her first mention of him on social media, she was already thanking him for his love, which led us to believe the two had been together, or at least known each other, for a while now…and we were right!

Sadie and her new beau, 20-year-old Christian Huff, have been spotted together for several months now. In this Instagram photo posted in September 2018, Sadie is standing next to Christian, while her sister Bella is standing next to Chance, Christian’s brother.

As it turns out, the photo above was taken in the early days of their relationship! In a new Instagram post, Sadie revealed they’ve actually been together for six months.

In honor of their anniversary, she shared some never-before-seen photos and videos of the two of them, and she looks happier than ever!

Today marks half a year of being your girl and it has been the sweetest and purest JOY! There’s no one that loves like you do. You’ve brought so much life and freedom into my life!” she wrote. “Cheers to more chins, more laughter, more car stops to dance, more random song breakouts, more basketball plays, more encouragement, more cinnamon rolls, more back rides, more trivia crack :), more love, and more Jesus filled life and joy!

Robertson ended the sweet tribute with, “I love you some kinda crazy?

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By the looks of it, Huff has also won over the approval of her family. He is currently on the Robertson family vacation in Utah with her entire extended family! You can see her cuddling up to him in the photo below.

Sadie Robertson / Instagram

We love seeing her so happy and wish them nothing but the best!