Miley Cyrus & Alicia Keys Mess With Blake & Adam While Filming Promo For ‘The Voice’

The Voice YouTube Channel

The Voice is set for a shake up when it kicks off its new season. Coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have been with the show since day one, and are the only judges from previous seasons returning for Season 11. The other two coaches’ seats will be filled by R&B artist Alicia Keys and pop star Miley Cyrus, daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus.

With the addition of two new coaches, Shelton and Levine know that they will have their work cut out for them on this season of The Voice. In fact, in a promotional video shot for the show, the two coaches that make up the most epic bromance declared they were “in trouble” when they saw Keys and Cyrus appear.

The video’s focus was a crash landing of a spacecraft, with Levine and Shelton serving in the roles of government agents. Keys and Cyrus played the aliens, with Cyrus saying they came to “destroy” their fellow coaches.

Since adding two new coaches is a pretty big deal, The Voice pulled out all the stops for its Season 11 promo. Fans were given the chance to see behind the scenes of the over-the-top production in a digital exclusive clip The Voice released on its YouTube channel.

The clip follows the making of the video, with Shelton revealing they filmed it at four in the morning and that he already had sand in his eyes and teeth by then. The clip also shows Keys and Cyrus messing with the veteran coaches and trying to get in their heads. Cyrus’ tactics didn’t seem to have an effect on Shelton, who shared a humorous reason why he feels she won’t be much competition for him.

I don’t think Miley has a real good chance to survive in this thing because she keeps her tongue out a lot,” he said.

Shelton was quick to dismiss any possibility of Levine winning, calling him a “wuss.” As for Keys, Shelton said he felt she will be his fiercest competitor on this season of The Voice, and he believes one of them will help lead a contestant to victory.

We’ll have to wait and see if Shelton’s prediction is correct! While you wait for the show to kick off on September 19, watch the behind the scenes clip from the promo video below.

Who do you think will be the winning coach this season?