Mom Of Kid Dancers On “America’s Got Talent” Calls Out Howie Mandel, “You’re Really Rude”

America's Got Talent/YouTube

Season 16 of America’s Got Talent is well underway, and while we’ve seen our share of singers, magicians, and dance acts over the years, Tuesday night’s episode brought us something we hadn’t seen before…an upset mom who was out for revenge.

Brother and sister dance duo, Michael (8) and Angelina (6) Novikova, took the stage for their AGT audition. While introducing themselves, the kids shared that their brother had once graced the same stage and had made it to the live television rounds.

“My brother inspired me. He’s been here,” Michael responded to Howie when asked what led them to audition. “Howie gave him a red buzzer.”

The show then rolled a flashback video of the kids’ older brother Daniel dancing with their mom, Alla, six years prior. In the clip, Howie Mandel criticizes the pair for repeating the same moves and ultimately eliminated them from the competition.

Daniel wasn’t on hand to face Mandel, but his mom was. Simon called Alla to the stage and asked her if she had anything to say to Howie.

“A lot,” the mom replied. “I would love to say that you are actually really, really rude. And, let me tell you why…because you see a little kid performing on the stage, dancing his heart out, he was doing his best. You were so hard on him.”

Howie didn’t offer Novikova an apology, but initiated a standing ovation when the brother-sister duo finished their impressive dance routine.

Watch the drama unfold in the video below.