Morgan Wallen Posts First Pic In Months & It’s With A Fellow Singer

Morgan Wallen / Instagram

On Tuesday, April 27, 2021 country artist Morgan Wallen posted a photo to Instagram of a fishing excursion with country superstar Eric Church.

Wallen captioned the post with, “Hang a sign on the door of my life.” The caption is in reference to Church’s song “Livin’ Part Of Life” from his 2006 album, Sinners Like Me.


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The two of them became friends after Wallen asked Church if he could record his song “Quittin’ Time,” for his January double album, Dangerous. Church agreed and let Wallen have the song. Wallen later told pop culture,

“That’s kind of where our relationship, our introduction, began. Since then I’ve been able to hang out with him, him and his wife, and got to know him a little bit better. Really feel like I’ve made a friend and it’s because of the music, because of that song really. So that song is special to me for sure.”


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Wallen had previously told Billboard during an interview just how much Church has impacted his music and writing.

“The way he wrote songs and the way that he said things really struck a chord with me. His realness, raw emotion and authenticity drew me in. Then I started digging a little bit deeper and started listening to Keith Whitley. I finally got into country music more and when I picked up a guitar, that’s what I wrote.”

Church himself is also a fan of the 27-year-old musician. He spoke to Billboard saying,

“He’s real damn good and he’s authentic. That’s the key. Morgan is not trying to be somebody else. He’s just doing him. It’s refreshing to see and hear.”

Listen to “Quittin’ Time” below.