Mother And Young Daughters Give Performance Of ‘Go Rest High’

Kappa Larson YouTube Channel

The heavy 1995 hit “Go Rest High On That Mountain” not only brought forward an emotional ballad about the inevitable experience of death but also stood as a monumental moment in singer Vince Gill‘s career – earning him a seemingly-endless number of accolades and awards.

With such a powerful message and emotional charge, Gill was once asked to perform his hit at the heartbreaking funeral of country music legend George Jones. During the song, Gill became so emotional that he struggled even to finish the song at all…

For those of you not too familiar with the song, that brief run down alone should show you just how powerful this melody is. However, a song is only as impactful as its singer -making this hit a hard one to cover.

Fortunately, a trio of lovely and talented ladies did the song justice when they sat down for an acoustic session you won’t soon forget.

YouTube/Kappa Danielson

Leading with vocals, this musically gifted mother sings her heart out with each emotional lyric as her daughters accompany her with their flawless and precise instrumentals. Gracing both a mandolin and a violin, these two girls give their mother a wonderful tune to work with.

As we watch these talented women blend each and every one of their skills together, it becomes very apparent where these girls got their musical influence!

This is a performance you must see to appreciate! Watch the clip below and tell us what you think!