Mountain Lion Runs Into High School Classroom

photo credit: Pescadero High School

The Oakland Zoo located in Northern California just released a video on Thursday (June 1) showing the rescue of a mountain lion that strolled into Pescadero High School and got trapped in a classroom.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, along with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, were called to the scene after the big cat was spotted.

While the authorities were on their way, a teacher managed to close a door, trapping the mountain lion inside a classroom until wildlife experts could get there and handle the situation.

Photos taken from the outside window of the animal showed it crouched down on the floor behind a teacher’s desk, isolated in the classroom.

When the sheriff’s office and wildlife experts finally made it there, they tranquilized the animal and removed it from the property. They said all students and staff are safe and no one was injured during the incident.

“Staff and Deputies have been able to isolate the puma to a classroom and there is no immediate threat,” the sheriff’s office said, according to FOX News.

The mountain lion was relocated to the Oakland Zoo where it was discovered to be malnourished and had a badly fractured tooth that will need to be extracted.

“This mountain lion is sadly too young to be able to survive on his own in the wild. He will be placed at an accredited zoo, under the discretion of Oakland Zoo and California Fish & Wildlife. Until then, we will take care of him here,” Oakland Zoo wrote on Facebook.

Footage Of The Mountain Lion Below