Move Over Everyone Else: Bubba J Just Won The ’10 Year Challenge’

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The Challenge That Has Taken Over Social Media

A new challenge has been going around social media within recent days, and it’s produced some surprising, jaw-dropping, and even humorous results.

We’re talking about the “ten year challenge” or the “how hard has aging hit you challenge.” The premise of the challenge is that you share one old photo of yourself (usually taken ten years ago) and one more current photo to show how much you changed (or haven’t) in that amount of time.

Country stars have jumped on the craze in full force, and while some have clearly grown older, others haven’t changed a bit!

As is the case with any internet trend, some people have taken on the ten year challenge and have turned it into a source of comedy.

For example, one Twitter user posted side-by-side photos of a grape and a raisin, showing how the grape had aged over time. Now that’s pretty clever!

Not wanting to miss out on the trend, and the opportunity to get a few laughs out of his followers, comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham decided it was time to give the ten year challenge a whirl as well.

Just Look How Much Jeff’s Puppets Have Changed!

But as opposed to showcasing photos of himself, Dunham enlisted the help of his fans’ favorite puppets to show how much they’ve grown in the past ten years. He revealed that he’d be sharing a new set of photos every day until he made it through his roster, kicking things off with Peanut and José Jalapeño.

Dunham already had us laughing with that one!

The following day, Dunham reached back into the archive to find a throwback photo of his grumpy old man puppet, Walter. He had a lot more hair (we mean, a lot) and not nearly as many wrinkles back then!

But one thing has remained unchanged over the years…Walter’s signature scowl!

After seeing Peanut, José, and Walter’s transformations, Dunham’s followers knew that one of their favorite puppets would soon have his turn.

Of course, we’re talking about Bubba J, the beer-guzzling, NASCAR-loving country boy with a passion for roadkill.

Bubba J Had Quite The Transformation

Sure enough, Bubba J was the next one to jump on the bandwagon…and let us tell y’all, we think he just won the whole challenge.

The old photo of Bubba J shows everyone’s favorite redneck puppet rockin’ an intense set of braces and a long, flowing mullet. To top it all off, he seemed to have some uncontrollable acne at the time!

When you compare that photo to how he looks now, we’d say that time has actually been pretty kind to this country boy!

Dunham ended his caption by asking his followers, “[Does young Bubba J] remind you of anyone you went to High School with?

Now we pose that same question to you! Do you know someone who looked like Bubba J back in the day? Or was that the look that you were rockin’ back then?

Even though Bubba J’s appearance may be different, one thing hasn’t changed. He’s still a country boy through and through, and proud of it too!