NASCAR Fires Back At $500 Million ‘Racism’ Lawsuit


The racing organization has now filed a new document with the court regarding the lawsuit lodged against them back in September 2016 accusing them of participating in “racial discrimination” – particularly against black drivers and black-owned racing teams.

Reuters first reported the lawsuit which revealed that plaintiff, Terrance Cox and his company, Diversity Motorsports Racing LLC have accused NASCAR of preventing black racing teams from competing in various events – including the NASCAR Premier Cup Series (Formerly the Sprint Cup Series).

Originally, the plaintiffs filed the lawsuit and named, not only NASCAR, but its parent company and 18 independently-owned teams as defendants. ESPN reports that, since then, all other defendants have been dropped except for NASCAR.┬áThe suit alleged that the plaintiffs were barred from participating in NASCAR’s “Drive For Diversity” program and instructed to ‘cease contact’ by NASCAR.

Now, NASCAR has filed a motion with the court asking the judge to completely dismiss the lawsuit. The racing organization argued that any decisions regarding Cox or his company were not based on race and further stated their commitment to diversity. NASCAR also revealed in its motion that the decision barring Cox from the event(s) was due to his team being legally dissolved for two years as it had not filed the appropriate documents with the Secretary of State. They also asserted that certain claims set forth were outside of the statute of limitations for the jurisdiction.

“[Cox and his company] were not denied any rights because of their race and NASCAR did not discriminate against them,” NASCAR states in its answer to the complaint.

“NASCAR works hard to increase diversity in stock-car racing, as demonstrated by the successes of its multi-pronged Drive for Diversity initiative – an initiative that includes supporting a series of race teams through its partner Rev Racing, and a crew member development program – and its Diversity Internship Programs, as well as its participation in the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality.”

Cox’s complaints claimed that NASCAR did not encourage corporate sponsors to support black-owned teams and drivers.

The complaint expressed that kind of action is an “almost insurmountable obstacle to the integration of NASCAR”, adding that the racing organization “has engaged in unlawful, intentional racial discrimination by refusing to contract with Plaintiffs in order than an African American owned racing team could be sanction[ed]” for the Cup Series.

Furthermore, NASCAR decries all of the claims, calling them “baseless”, and adding to their motion, “The complaint is nothing more than labels and conclusions; [Cox and his team] eschew factual allegations suggesting discrimination in favor of speculation about discrimination.”

Around the time the lawsuit was filed, statements were made implying that longtime TV personality, Steve Harvey, was somehow involved in the case against NASCAR. Harvey spoke out against the claims that NASCAR had blocked an alleged attempt by him and Cox to start a team, saying it all was a load of B.S.

Watch the clip below where Harvey discusses the matter and how he says he is absolutely not connected.