‘Nashville’ Star Walks Away From Lawsuit…But Not After Paying Up


After paying almost $120,000 to the woman that was supposed to be finding a home for several rescue dogs, the star is settling the lawsuit – but paying out more cash to the woman.

According to multiple news outlets, Hayden Panettiere, who plays Juliette Barnes on the hit TV show Nashville, was slapped with a lawsuit earlier this summer that accused her of short-changing the dog sitter for $8,500.

The sitter, Tia Books, had already received $119,335.88 over the course of six years when she was watching two rescue dogs for Panettiere. According to one report, the arrangement was supposed to be in the sum of $30/day paid to Brooks for watching/caring for the dogs until Panettiere could find a ‘forever home’.

Luckily, the pups were able to be relocated to a new home recently, but Brooks is still claiming that the singer/actress should pay up, adding that a lot of the expenses come from vet bills when one of the dogs got really sick.

Panettiere claimed that Brooks’ demands were out of line and that she loaded up the bill with excessive charges for dog bones, bug spray, dog beds, etc.

The suit has now been settled between the two, with Panettiere forking over half the amount to Brooks in order to close this case and put it to rest.

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