October 13th…The Full Hunter’s Moon Will Finally Appear

Unsplash / Sora Sagano

Last month we encountered both the Full Harvest Moon and Friday the 13th – but in October, we will experience what has been known since 1917 as the “Full Hunter’s Moon.”

Twitter / lonelywitch

Very similar to the Harvest Moon, the Hunter’s Moon also is known to provide excellent visibility at night – this time, for hunting.

After the fields and pastures had been cleared of the crops, folks used to hunt at night when deer and other wildlife would come into the fields searching for grains and food that had been dropped when the harvest was taking place.

It was at this point that the Native Americans and early farmers would harvest meat to help them survive the winter ahead.


The Hunter’s Moon will rise in such frequency on multiple days that make the periods of darkness between sunset and moonrise far shorter than normal. This helps provide great visibility for people hunting at night.

Often, the October Full Moon or Hunter’s Moon is associated with a great feast among early settlers because of the bounty in both harvest and hunting usually obtained around this time.

The 2019 Hunter’s Moon will reach its peak on October 13th around 5:08 PM Eastern Time. Just be sure to be in a spot away from cloud cover in order to see it fully.

Watch the Farmer’s Almanac video about the Hunter’s Moon below.