Carrie Underwood Meets Deaf Fan Who Signed ‘The Champion’ & Earned Over 1 Million Views

Carrie Underwood / Twitter

One little girl just got the chance to duet with Carrie Underwood at one of her shows, and it was a moment neither one of them will forget!

Back in March, a video of an eight-year-old girl named Savannah performing Carrie and Ludacris’ “The Champion” went viral. But rather than sing the song, Savannah performed the entire track in ASL, because she’s deaf.

Savannah’s father, Richard, told The Baltimore Sun that her family is also deaf, so they all use ASL to communicate with each other.

Richard told the publication that Savannah can hear with the assistance of hearing aids, but still identifies as deaf. That is what he feels makes her a true “Champion.”

So with her hearing aids she can assimilate in the hearing world, but her heart is with the deaf culture she identifies with,” Richard said. “So for her, she is a champion because she so gracefully lives in both worlds.”

Richard was the one who shared the video of Savannah signing to “The Champion,” and it took off online. The original Twitter clip has since been set to private, but based on one of Savannah’s Instagram posts, it was viewed over a million times.

One of those views came from Carrie herself, who tweeted out a link to Savannah’s performance and expressed that she’d like to meet her one day.

Savannah, you’re amazing!” Carrie wrote.

That meeting finally happened on Friday (October 4) in Washington D.C.

Savannah got the chance to go backstage and meet Carrie at the concert. The two then broke out into a duet to “The Champion,” with Carrie singing and Savannah signing.

Carrie sang a cappella while Savannah enthusiastically signed by her side. The small audience that was watching them cheered when the two wrapped things up about a minute later.

How cool was that? 

Tune in below to watch the original video that helped Savannah earn Carrie’s attention. While it isn’t the viral Twitter clip that earned over a million views, it still has over 70,000 views on its own.

Savannah is a remarkable performer!