Old People Walk Out Front Door – Don’t Notice Bear 6 Feet Away

YouTube / JukinVideo

Some oblivious elderly folks were in for the surprise of a lifetime when they stepped out of their son’s house in Pasadena, California back in 2014.

Most of us, when stepping out of the front door, look around as we exit and then turn around to lock the door. Unfortunately for these two, the keys and lock situation seemed to grab a bit more of their attention than their surroundings…which could have been very bad for them.

As YouTube Brit Prof said in the video’s description, her in-laws were “oblivious” as they left the house – and didn’t notice a fairly large bear cub just standing there on the porch looking at them!

In the video, the father-in-law, Bob, appears to look directly in the bear’s direction at one point as he’s locking up. Irene, his wife, just stood there waiting for him.

Next, the two walk out to the car. A few seconds later, Bob reappears without Irene and is clearly in urgent need to make it inside.

Apparently, Bob helped Irene to the car, then he felt something behind him, realized it was a bear and yelled out “It’s a bear!” before running to the house. Irene was left in the car.

No word on how long she remained in the car until the bear left or help arrived.

“Everyone is safe,” Brit wrote at the end.

Check out this funny video below!