“Out Of Control” Wild Pigs Tear Up San Jose Residents’ Yards


According to KTVU, residents of San Jose, California say the “wild pig problem is out of control.”  Homeowners are reportedly fighting for their right to protect their land after a horde of wild pigs destroyed multiple properties.

“I was kind of in shock,” resident Brian Hom told KTVU about what he thought when he first woke up to the mess. “I couldn’t believe it.”


Security footage showed the feral hogs came during the night and ripped through the East Foothills of San Jose while everyone was sleeping. As residents began to wake up the next morning, they were astonished at the amount of damage done.

“I woke up because I heard my husband yelling ‘oh no, oh no’ and I was like ‘what’ and he said ‘the boars came,”’ homeowner Melissa Songcuan explained.

“We spend a lot of time and energy working on our yards and then we have this happen,” another resident, Tom Troung, added.


Officials say that it has happened due to the combination of an exploding hog population, dry weather conditions, and the draining of Anderson Dam.

Residents in East Foothills are not permitted to use guns to shoot the hogs and are desperately looking to the city to do something about them.

San Jose Councilmember Johnny Khamis said he supports having licensed trappers come in and hunt the hogs down with bows and arrows, however, he’s afraid the other councilmembers are against it.

“They’re afraid they are going to ricochet or inadvertent misfires,” Johnny said.


The vote to use bows and arrows will be next Tuesday. In the meantime, the community is worried because their insurance does not cover the damage the hogs made and they’re scared for the safety of their children and pets.

“Be aware, get ready for them, watch your dog and your pets and your children outside,” Brian said.

Neighbors Talk About The Hog Problem In The Video Below