Luke Bryan Mourns Death Of Award-Winning Gutarist JT Corenflos

Facebook / Luke Bryan

Along with the rest of the country music community, Luke Bryan is mourning the death of famed Nashville session guitarist JT Corenflos.

Corenflos is best known for playing a blue Telecaster guitar and working with country greats like Jean Shepard, Joe Stampley, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan and many more.

In a 2019 interview, Corenflos told The Tribune-Star that “his job was to conjure catchy guitar lines in the studio that help turn a singer’s song into a hit.”

He was so good at his job, that Corenflos became one of the most in-demand session musicians in all of Nashville and his skills earned him a large number of award nominations as well as a few wins!

JT Corenflos died on Saturday (October 24th, 2020) after a lengthy battle with lung disease at the age of 56.

In honoring this man with who many in the community had worked and had become close friends, Luke Bryan shared his memories on social media with a statement.

“Throughout my career I have had the privilege to work with some of the most amazing musicians on the planet. JT embodied everything country music was and certainly everything that the Nashville sound was about. He was a soft spoken genius that let his fingers do all the talking. He has played on countless records of mine and many times turned a good song into something unique and special. And at the end of the day, he made big old hit records. For most of the time I knew JT, he was battling health problems related to the hand he was dealt. Talk about a fighter. Some days he could barely pick his guitar up. But when he played. He played like it was his last time and for everyone in the room it was a beautiful thing to watch. His sound and style was so authentic and that’s why myself and so many other artists and songwriters are hurting. He lost his battle but what an amazing legacy. I challenge my fans and country music fans to spend a little time researching some of the tracks and hit records he has played on throughout his career. You will be amazed. I have put a few of the ones he has been a part of with me here. God bless you JT Corenflos. I love you buddy. You will be missed.”

See the full post from Luke Bryan below along with a solo performance from JT Corenflos.