Police Officer & Rodeo Clown Go Head-To-Head In Hysterical Dance Off


Think police officers can’t dance? Think again.

During his set at the 2015 Fiesta Days Rodeo in Spanish Fork, Utah, well-known and loved rodeo clown JJ Harrison decided to change things up a bit and have some fun with one of the police officers attending the event as security.

Harrison, a former school teacher, is widely known for his quick-thinking, sharp wit, and hysterical rodeo arena antics – often he dons an inflatable suit and shows off some of his incredible dance moves, but this time he opted to have a police officer and a rodeo queen join him for a dance-off competition right in the center of the ring!

With the announcer providing hilarious side commentary and poking fun at JJ and his guests, the famed rodeo clown shouts, “I got an idea!”

“We’re gonna have a little dance off – this should be a lot of fun, don’t ya think?” JJ said energetically to the crowd. “How many of you in Spanish Fork wanna see Officer Adams get a little jiggy with it?”

The crowd roars to life with applause indicating their approval of having Officer Adams, participate in this impromptu dance competition.

“They want it!” JJ confirms to the officer, pointing at him and cueing the music. “So here it is! What do you got?”

That’s when Officer Adams pulls out all the stops and gives a dance performance that blew everyone away – including JJ! He had some killer dance moves and gave it one heck of a shot.

Watch this hysterical video below of JJ Harrison, Officer Adams, and a rodeo queen having one of the funniest dance-offs you’ll ever see.

Guaranteed, this will be the laugh you’ve needed all day!