Popeyes Worker Caught Making Chicken Sandwiches On Trash Can

photo credit: Popeyes Instagram / Tom Journet / Facebook

In Fairfax, Virginia an unnamed Popeyes employee was caught on camera making dozens of chicken sandwiches that were on a tray sitting over the top of a trash can.

Why Did This Happen?

One customer waiting for their sandwich noticed the unsanitary work station in plain sight and decided to take pictures of it. TMZ which is the 426th most view website in America got their hands on the story and made it go viral after reporting on it.

According to TMZ, the unknown owner of this Popeyes later confessed the reason this happened is because they were overwhelmed due to someone making an order of over 100 sandwiches. They were running out of counter space and the employee that made the decision to put the tray on the trash can was allegedly a new hire and not fully trained yet. The owner also claimed that the trash can was empty, however, since then has ordered a new table to give the restaurant more counter space.

Other Major Stories About Popeyes Lately

Popeyes has been all over major media outlets lately since they brought back the spicy chicken sandwich on November 3rd. From a guy suing Popeyes for running out of chicken sandwiches to a lady destroying her car door attempting to cut into the drive-thru line. One guy was even stabbed and killed over the sandwich. Just recently though a lady was body-slammed outside of a Popeyes restaurant by one of the employees for allegedly calling the man a racial slur. News report on that in the video below.