Pregnant Horse Shot & Killed – Police Offer Reward For Info

Twitter / CowgirlMagazine

Just two days ago, a Colorado sheriff’s office revealed the tragic passing of a local pregnant mare who had been shot and killed while in her pasture. The law enforcement office, which is based in Telluride, Colorado, also explained that they were offering a $1,000 reward for information that would identify the criminal.

The San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office tweeted out that they were investigating the suspected shooting of a pregnant Appaloosa horse that they believe occurred between Friday morning (Sept. 27th) and Saturday morning (Sept. 28th).

According to the Sheriff, the horse had to be put down due to her injuries, and she was valued at more than $25,000.

Appaloosa horses are an American breed that is highly regarded for their unique spotted coat patterns, and the breed can be found with a wide variety of body types.

In a follow-up to their original tweet seeking more information regarding this terrible crime, the Sheriff’s office says that the Colorado Dept. of Wildlife officials are helping to investigate.

After bringing in the Wildlife officials into the investigation, they state that it’s possible that something else may have caused the death of the horse – speculating that the horse may have been attacked by an elk or “other wildlife.”

We hope that they discover what happened to this beautiful animal. No information is available as to the status of the foal.