Raccoons Walk Out Of Bush Into A Wedding Photoshoot

photo credit: Kathryn White Photos

Raccoons Crash Wedding Photoshoot

Adorable couple Sarah and Zack met up with professional photographer Kathryn White to take their wedding photos when a squad of raccoons crashed their photo shoot.


They Bravely Walk Over To The Couple

The raccoons were apparently just passing by when they photobombed the couple in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. In the background of the shoot, about five of them emerged from the bush and begun curiously walking towards the couple.

“We moved off the trail, but they continued to curiously approach us,” Kathryn said. “They were just so adorable and sweet!”

As they approached, the photographer took this as an opportunity to capture photos because the scene was just too perfect. The friendly raccoons stuck around for a minute or two, probably hoping for food, while Kathryn snapped a few good ones and then they continued down the trail.


“We just laughed in amazement that it actually just happened,” Kathryn said.

“Happily Ever After” Wedding Photos

The couple was originally looking for that beautiful woodland backdrop, but having wildlife appear made it much more special. It gave the photo shoot a fairytale-like feel to the couple’s “happily ever after” wedding photos. After the raccoons left, Sarah and Zack continued taking their pictures which later got posted to Facebook.

This is not the first time a couple has been photobombed by wildlife. Although no video was recorded of the raccoons, below is a YouTube video showing a deer crashing a couple’s wedding photo shoot.