‘Property Brothers’ Star Announces Engagement

Drew Scott Instagram

Since 2011, twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott have contributed to a surge of interest in real estate and home renovation. Well, there’s no numbers to prove that, but the Scott brothers have had a successful number of shows on HGTV for years now, particularly the Property Brothers series.

Audiences have been intrigued by the unique setup of Property Brothers, in which the brothers show potential home buyers drastically different houses. One is typically move-in ready, but over budget, while the others are fixer-uppers that come with a lower price but a lot more work.

The brothers’ good looks certainly don’t deter audiences either, and they are now two of the most recognizable hosts on HGTV. Sadly for the ladies out there, one of the Property Brothers is no longer on the market.

Drew announced to People on Wednesday (December 13) that he had proposed to his long-time girlfriend Linda Phan that evening. The couple first met in 2010 at a Fashion Week event in Toronto, and have been together ever since.


Linda also plays a large part in Drew and Jonathan’s careers. She is currently serving as the Creative Director for their media company Scott Brothers Entertainment, and is in charge of their marketing campaigns and philanthropic purists.

Drew spilled all of the details about the proposal, saying that he had been planning it out for weeks. A little-known fact about Drew and Jonathan is that they are also country music artists, with two singles under their belts titled “Hold On” and “Let the Light Shine In.” Drew brought that musical connection to his proposal, and went to the studio to record the popular Train song “Marry Me” so he could have it playing when he popped the question.

After weeks of planning, Drew finally brought Linda to the Piano Piano restaurant in Toronto for a special night together. As his “Marry Me” recording played, Drew had the staff bring a special cake to their table. The cake was covered with illustrations from Linda’s favorite book, Oh the Places You’ll Go!, but he changed up the title a bit to read, Oh the Places We’ll Go!

That’s when Drew asked Linda to marry him, and she said yes! Proving that he had truly thought of everything, Drew took Linda to a surprise engagement party following the proposal, where friends and family were waiting to congratulate them.

Speaking about the engagement, Drew says he knows in his heart that Linda is the one for him. “I’ve never met another woman like her and once you do, you want to be with her forever,” he said.

How sweet is that? Congratulations to Drew and Linda on their engagement! We wish them nothing but happiness in the years to come.