Sundance Head’s Father Emotionally Breaks Down Upon Son’s ‘Voice’ Win

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Season 11 of NBC‘s hit competition The Voice was definitely one for the books, enabling us to continuously reflect on the season’s iconic performance and unforgettable encounters. However, all eyes were on the finalists Sundance Head and Billy Gilman as their passionate fights throughout the show deemed them the last two competitors battling it out for the win.

The night was filled with riveting performances and duets with past contestants and unbelievable icons such as the band KISS and a competition show winner herself, Kelly Clarkson. Despite the irreplaceable memories and timeless performances, two eager men stood before an audience for immediate results that would either delay or jumpstart their musical dreams and aspirations.

Head and Gilman stood side by side as their arms securely grasped the shoulder of the other. Channeling positive vibes and nothing but respect and admiration for the other’s success and fight throughout the televised competition, the two performers anxiously awaited their results as their audience roared with cheers of encouragement and excitement. Voice host Carson Daly spoke out, “The moment has come! What a night of music, what a great season!” Coach Blake Shelton smirked as he awaited the results, desperately hoping to add another victory to his winning reign.

“One of their lives is about to change forever,” exclaimed Daly as he announced that time was ticking and he was eager to reveal the winner. Hearts pounded and breaths ceased to be taken as the host announced “The winner of The Voice is,” before leaving a seemingly endless break of silence, only skyrocketing our anticipation!

“Sundance Head”, he yells! Head’s eyes immediately filled with tears and he hugged his competitor and quickly dropped to his knees! Covering his face, the singer was understandably a blubbering mess, although a shot captured of his family is one that puts the singer’s emotion to second best. Head’s father, Roy Head, was perhaps the most emotional fan in the room. A former singer with a fiery 1965 hit “Treat Her Right” was the winning competitor’s motivation throughout the season, as he continued to speak fondly of his father and dedicate his success to his old man.

His father’s reaction was pure pride, as he beamed throughout his sons win and glory like any doting father would. The family was granted stage access as they ran to their winner, embracing in a heartwarming hug filled with laughter and tears.

Congratulations to the newest winner on his beyond stellar season and timeless talent!

The Voice Youtube