Carrie Underwood Brought To Tears By What Husband Wrote

Instagram/Carrie Underwood

She had tears streaming down her face after reading his recently published article about their life together.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have one of the best love stories around and so many of us already know it, but what many don’t know is exactly how they were able to sustain the pressure from being in a relationship of two high profile individuals. One of the biggest markers of success for them is the fact that they were able to both live in Nashville when his major NHL career got a massive boost.

Married in 2010, Underwood and Fisher began their marriage being torn between not only two cities, but two completely different countries. Fisher, a native Canadian, was playing hockey for the Ottawa Senators when they had met, and he continued to play for them until his option to be traded came up. At that point, Fisher had established such a great relationship with the teams general manager and owner that they decided to do something unheard of!

In a new article published on sports site, The Players’ Tribune, Mike Fisher penned one of the most heartfelt and beautiful articles that details the blessing of his former team. Fisher also opened up about his experience with the sport and obstacles he’d faced during his time as a hockey player – including one that prevented him from being with his wife.

“I knew I was incredibly blessed to be going to Nashville,” Fisher writes about being traded. “When I was packing up my stuff to go to the airport, I got a call from Eugene Melnyk, the owner of the Senators. He thanked me for my time in Ottawa, and then he said something I will never, never forget.

He said,’You know Fish, I just wanted you to be with your wife.’

When trade talks had heated up, a few teams had been interested in me, but Eugene and Bryan [Murray, GM] agreed to make sure that my destination would be Nashville. They could have traded me anywhere, but they were genuinely looking out for me and my family. That’s what makes hockey such a special sport, even at the NHL level. Yes, it’s a business, but the amount of good human beings I’ve run across in this sport is just incredible.”

This incredible story about two outsiders doing everything they can to help out one of their closest friends and players would pull at the heartstrings of anyone and likely bring them to tears…and that’s exactly what happened with Carrie Underwood.

As she shared the article with her followers on Twitter, Underwood says, “This is amazing…Made me cry…” 

They have a truly unbreakable bond and a dazzling love story!

Watch the video below of Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher playing hockey together for a special with Oprah Winfrey!