Adam & Blake’s Hysterical Recreation Of Ferris Bueller Is Their Best Yet

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Voice coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have had no shortage of hilarious moments both on set and off. However, a recent skit has just topped every previous encounter filled with dramatic banter and endless laughs!

Hours before the show’s season finale, The Voice posted a video of Levine in what appears to be a mock of the cult classic film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Shelton is seen approaching Levine’s tour bus as he coaxes the singer out for waiting fans and press.

Levine, channeling his inner Bueller, plays a prerecorded sound bite that pleads with Shelton through dramatic coughing, “I think I’m gonna die of sickness. I don’t know if I can make it.”

Shelton isn’t buying Levine’s story, whispering to himself as he walks off, “We’ll see about that.”

As the cowboy is out of sight, the scene shifts to Levine in a pink bathrobe atop his balcony, casually explaining, “How could I possibly be expected to handle press on a day like this?” 

The pop star takes us on an adventure not only throughout his house and steamy shower, but breaks down his reasoning for the sudden escape from stardom!

“It’s not that I hate doing press. I love doing press. I just hate Blake Shelton,” Levine says with a straight face, and tightly-wrapped towel on his head.

The scene transitions to Shelton who continues to hunt for his rival, completely unaware that his prey is just feet away from him singing tunes with fans on a touring trolley. However, while Levine is enjoying his carefree day, he quickly realizes that his time is short and he is expected to be on the air in just five minutes!

Rushing to his trailer, Levine is confronted by Shelton who grabs the star and yells, “Ha! I knew you were never sick!” Levine’s quick thinking led him to distract Shelton with a coy “I didn’t know Gwen was here,” sending the cowboy in a search for his beloved!

Within seconds, Levine is dapper and dressed for the finale and he exits his trailer and heads to the stage. Of course, no Ferris Bueller attempt can be complete without the repetitive role call from monotoned teacher himself, Ben Stein. Stein wanders in backstage with a role sheet as he calls out “Levine… Levine…”

Nicely done, boys! Check out the hilarious clip below!