Rebecca Robertson Opens Up About Daughter’s “Rare” & “Dramatic” Birth

Rebecca Robertson Loflin / Instagram

Duck Dynasty star Rebecca Robertson gave birth to her second child on Christmas Eve. She and her husband, John Reed Loflin, did not find out ahead of time whether they were having a boy or a girl. So they were surprised when their daughter made her way into the world.

Rebecca and John Reed named their baby girl Holland Lo. She joins her big brother, Zane Israel, who turns three in January.

Hi world, Meet Holland Lo Loflin…Our little Christmas miracle,” Rebecca wrote alongside the first photos she shared of Holland.

Just as they were surprised to learn that Holland was a baby girl, Rebecca and John Reed were also “surprised” by her birth. As Rebecca explained on Instagram:

But we’ve had the most wonderful, whirlwind of a Christmas, to say the least. We are so grateful beyond measure as we received the most precious Christmas gift this year! Our baby girl ‘surprised’ us on Christmas Eve.”

Rebecca later told the story about her daughter’s birth, and why it caught her and John Reed off guard.

The reason why Holland’s birth came as such as surprise is because she was actually born on her due date! As Rebecca detailed, it’s incredibly “rare” for a baby to arrive on their due date.

I was convinced I was going to have this baby around New Years,” she said.

But Rebecca went into labor in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. This came as a shock to her, since she had just been hanging out with her family not long prior. As she played games and rehearsed the family Christmas skit, she had no clue she’d be welcoming her baby girl just a few hours later.

Her labor progressed quickly. Everything was moving so fast, Rebecca said she almost gave birth in the car on the way to the hospital.

But Rebecca did make it to the hospital, and Holland arrived not long afterward.

It was definitely one of those dramatic births you see in the movies,” Rebecca said. “Baby girl was ready to meet everyone, and she wasn’t gonna let anything stop her!

You can read Holland’s full birth story below.