Sadie Robertson & Husband Post Photo Of What They Will Look Like In 50 Years

Sadie Robertson / Instagram

Chances are, if you scrolled through all your social media apps in July 2019, a lot of the photos were of your friends and favorite celebrities trying the Internet challenge called the “FaceApp challenge.”

FaceApp is a photo application that can edit and age any photo you upload. There are different options, so you can age in either way – to get younger or older. Many of our favorite country singers have tried it to see what they’d look like in 50 years, and the results are hilarious!

Country stars aren’t the only ones having a blast with the app, even our favorite Duck Dynasty stars are trying it out, too!

Sadie Robertson uploaded a photo of herself with her then-fiancé Christian Huff and posted the results for the world to see. The two got engaged towards the beginning of June and were married in November 2019.

Normally we see cute photos of the two of them, or the occasional silly one, but this photo completely takes the cake. It’s safe to say that they will age well! Check out their FaceApp challenge below.