Sadie Robertson Introduces Her New Boyfriend

Sadie Robertson/Instagram

Sadie Robertson, the darling of the Duck Dynasty clan, appeared alongside country hunk Brett Eldredge in his video for “The Long Way.” Acting as his love interest in the movie created a lot of speculation around Sadie and Brett’s relationship, although both repeatedly shot down rumors that they were more than friends.

Well, it appears as though they were telling the truth as Sadie revealed Friday (April 20) that she does have a boyfriend, but it’s not Brett Eldredge.

In a photo posted to Instagram, Sadie Robertson and actor Austin North are seen posing for the camera while enjoying ice cream cones.

North may look familiar to some as the 21-year old has appeared in numerous Disney Channel sitcoms including “I Didn’t Do It.”

The news of Sadie’s new relationship came as a surprise to fans. Just three weeks ago, the 20-year old told Entertainment Tonight that she wasn’t currently dating anyone. Many of her fans took to social media to congratulate the couple, but others took the opportunity to slam Robertson.

One fan who claimed that Sadie only chose boyfriends based on their outward appearance got a sweet reply from Robertson who not only defended her relationship with North but also her decision to share the news on social media.

“I hope you can look past this so you don’t miss out on truly seeing a one of a kind man with a true hear of gold,” Sadie wrote to the disgruntled Instagram follower. “Everyone around me knows I’m extremely careful with what I post on Instagram and have reserved this part of my life for a long time now because I was hurt by it and it scared me from sharing this part of my life with the world.”

Robertson continues by praising her new man, calling him “kind, intentional and thoughtful.”

“He makes me laugh….he makes me feel special, he makes me feel like a best friend, he shows me the fruit of Jesus and he leads me to God,” Sadie wrote.

Congratulations to Sadie and Austin! We wish them the very best.

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