Scotty McCreery’s Wife Gets Unpleasant Surprise During Honeymoon Lunch

Scotty McCreery / Instagram

On June 16, 2018, Scotty McCreery and his longtime love Gabi said “I do” in front of 200 friends and family members during a gorgeous wedding in the North Carolina mountains. Following the wedding, the young couple left the mountainside to head beachside for their honeymoon in Bora Bora.

As Scotty told People in an interview prior to the wedding, there was one thing Gabi wanted out of their honeymoon location.The one thing she really wanted was an over-water bungalow,” he said.

Known for such bungalows, Bora Bora seemed like the perfect place for the couple to honeymoon! Scotty offered fans a glance into their tropical retreat when he shared his first honeymoon photo a few days after the wedding.

Ia orana from Tahiti! ?☀️⛰

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The couple enjoyed spending time in the sun and soaking in all of the beauty that the area had to offer. Because their bungalow was right over the water, they didn’t have to go far to take a plunge in the ocean.

Scotty shared a video of him and Gabi jumping into the ocean from their bungalow, and it’s actually quite funny to watch. After jumping in, Gabi swims over to her new husband, saying how salty the water tasted.

I forgot this was the ocean,” Gabi said, which got a good laugh out of Scotty.

In addition to swimming, the couple also took some time to jet around the island, both by land and by sea. First, Scotty shared a photo that showed him and Gabi riding a scooter on the island, with both of them flashing big smiles at the camera.

A little later, Scotty shared a photo to show how he and Gabi got around the island when they were traveling by water…via jet ski! But it’s the second photo in the set Scotty shared that got the most attention.

As Scotty explained, he and Gabi stopped to eat lunch at a place on the beach. The food they ordered looked innocent enough, as you can see in the photo.

However, Scotty said that he and Gabi learned after they ate their meal that what they ordered was actually liver. Gabi’s reaction to the unpleasant surprise says it all! Swipe over the jet ski photo to see that picture.

When one fan questioned how Scotty and Gabi ended up ordering liver without knowing it, Scotty’s reply made the whole situation all the more hilarious.

The menu said ‘sweetbread and garlic sauce,'” Scotty wrote.

No wonder why the liver was such an unpleasant surprise to them! See Scotty’s comment below.

Scotty McCreery / Instagram

Well, at least Scotty and Gabi now know what not to order when they visit one of the local restaurants in Bora Bora!

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