Spiked-Metal Wheels On Four-Wheeler Helps Man Till Dirt

photo credit: YouTube / WhistlinDiesel

Creating Metal Spiked Wheels On Four-Wheeler

Hilarious redneck YouTuber who calls himself WhistlinDiesel has created another entertaining video for folks to see. This time he’s custom-welded metal spikes to the rims of his four-wheeler.

photo credit: YouTube / WhistlinDiesel

“We’re transforming this four-wheeler into completely capable, bone-crushing, skin-ripping, muscle-tearing, meat-eating, zombie-apocalyptic, area-51-raiding machine.” WhistlinDiesel said with a smile on YouTube.

He’s known for customizing his truck into all sorts of unique creations and his four-wheeler receives the same treatment. He starts by pulling out some sheets of metal in his garage to cut the spikes out of.

Each spike is cut into large 7-inch triangle-shaped pointed blades and welded onto a set of rims. It takes him and his buddy 12+ hours to cut and weld over 100 spikes onto the rims which he then paints all white with red tips.

photo credit: YouTube /

Ready To See How It Performs Now

WhistlinDiesel puts the rims on the four-wheeler and says, “This is the coolest thing we’ve ever freakin’ built. We were really worried about, since theres no fender guards, obviously, you slip once you’re dead. You can see how dangerous that might be going 60mph, which we are going to do.” 

After everything is perfectly put together, he starts the engine and takes off onto a dirt path. The metal spikes turn into incredible tillers that easily perforate the dirt and at times the spikes pick up random things or they break off into the ground.

The custom four-wheeler just looks bad to the bone. The video was released on August 8th, 2019 and already has 7.7 million views, 56 thousand likes, and 5 thousand comments. Check out the wonderful creation yourself in the video below.

Watch Him Till Dirt In The YouTube Video Below