Students Panic After Realizing They Slept With Massive Snake In Bed


A group of girls sleeping in their dorm room on the main campus of Novena University were shocked and afraid after waking up in the morning and finding a massive snake laying in the bed with one of the students.

Video footage filmed by one of the girls showed what appeared to be a very chubby and well-fed python to be very comfortable with where it was.

The shiny reptile was actually laying on one of the girl’s mattresses near the headboard of the bed, not moving.


The panicked college students can be heard in the background of the video screaming and freaking out as they realize the snake may have been sleeping in the room with them the entire night.

The video was later shared on Instagram by Saint Avenue Entertainment where it has been viewed more than 24 thousand times.

Saint Avenue Entertainment wrote, “A student saw this snake on her bed in the early hours of today and she was resting her hand on top of the snake. The snake is said to be the God’s of Amai, a place in delta state. This happened in Novena University.”

Watch The Snake In Dorm Room Video Below