T.G. Sheppard And Kelly Lang Perform ‘Jackson,’ ‘Islands In The Stream,’ & More


In the early 1970s nobody knew the name T.G. Sheppard. That’s probably because he went by his given name, William Browder. He worked as an executive at RCA Records and in 1974, signed a record deal with Melodyland under a pseudonym.

He used the name T.G. Sheppard so his job at RCA wouldn’t be in jeopardy, since he was recording with another label. He released his debut song, “Devil In A Bottle,” which went on to be a number one song! Shortly after, he parted ways with RCA to focus on making music, instead of selling it.

Throughout his career, he earned the top spot on the charts 15 times and during that time he happened to meet his wife, Kelly Lang.


Her father was Conway Twitty’s road manager for 25 years and Sheppard worked with Twitty for some time. She is also a performer and a sought after songwriter. They eventually began dating in the 2000s and were married in 2007.


Sheppard underwent heart surgery in early 2015, but he was back on stage with his bride a few short months later. Together they sang a medley of classic country duets including Johnny Cash and June Carter’s hit “Jackson” and Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s  “Islands In The Stream.”

Their voices complement each other so well and they really put on a great show together. The crowd loved the performance and so did we!

Watch the medley below.