Taylor Swift Shares Childhood Memories In Video For “Christmas Tree Farm”

Taylor Swift / YouTube

Taylor Swift Is No Stranger To Singing Christmas Music – And She Has Several Original Holiday Songs

In 2007, Taylor Swift released a Christmas EP titled The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection. Her debut, self-titled record had just been released the year prior.

But even though she was a new face in the country music scene, she was one of its biggest names. Her holiday EP was a smash success, and has been certified Platinum by the RIAA.

The cover art for the Taylor Swift holiday album
Big Machine Records / Fair Use via Wikimedia Commons

The six-track EP contained four covers of Christmas classics such as “Last Christmas” and “Santa Baby.” Swift also included two original songs on the EP: “Christmases When You Were Mine” and “Christmas Must Be Something More.”

Swift has since made the transition from country to pop. But while the style of her music has changed, her love of Christmas has not.

Swift Actually Grew Up On A Christmas Tree Farm

In December 2019, Swift debuted a brand-new, original Christmas song titled “Christmas Tree Farm.” The song is autobiographical, since Swift actually spent her childhood growing up on a Christmas tree farm.

She spoke about the experience in a 2014 interview with Esquire:

It was such a weird place to grow up. But it has cemented in me this unnatural level of excitement about fall and then the holiday season.”

She told the publication that her dad took care of the business, even though he also worked as a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch. Swift said he saw the farm as a “hobby” of his, and that he’d wake up early to mow the fields on his tractor.

Everyone in the family had jobs on the farm, including Swift:

Mine was picking the praying-mantis pods off of the trees, collecting them so that the bugs wouldn’t hatch inside people’s houses…The only reason that was my job was because I was too little to help lift trees.”

Taylor Swift Shares Home Videos In Official Music Video For “Christmas Tree Farm”

Since “Christmas Tree Farm” is about Swift’s life, she made its music video personal by including home videos from the years she spent growing up on the Christmas tree farm.

The sweet clips of a young Swift are the perfect accompaniment to the song, which includes lyrics such as “In my heart is a Christmas tree farm, where the people would come to dance under sparkling lights.”

Overall, “Christmas Tree Farm” is a magical song that is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. You can watch its official music video below.