Taylor Swift’s Reaction To CMA Win Caught On Tape

Twitter/Taylor Swift

Following a four-year absence from the CMAs, this former country princess took home her first win during the 2017 CMA Awards – and her reaction to hearing her name read out loud was absolutely priceless!

Taylor Swift, who began her career as a charming, sweet, teenage country singer/songwriter has embarked on one of the most successful careers in music that has been seen in the last few decades. Now a pop powerhouse, Swift still is penning music that hits country radio – even if it’s just once in a while.

Nominated for Song of the Year, Swift’s “Better Man” took home the win in a surprise moment that caught everyone off guard – including herself! While unable to attend the show because she was in New York for her appearance on Saturday Night Live, Swift watched the announcement live from her hotel room and, luckily, one of her friends caught the moment on tape!

“Better Man” was issued as the first single to Little Big Town‘s most recent album, The Breaker, and it wasn’t revealed until later that Swift was the one who penned the track. As the vocal group explained when accepting the award, they might have never gotten the opportunity to record it had they not checked their email that day!

Before her win for “Better Man,” Swift most recently took home the CMA Pinnacle Award in 2013, but hasn’t been seen much in the country spectrum after going pop with her 2014 album, 1989.

Tweeting out the video of her shocked and surprised reaction, Swift explained why she missed the event and exclaimed her love for Little Big Town and the CMAs! In the video, you can see her sitting on the floor and watching intently as the presenters get ready to announce the winner. Once her name and song are called as the recipient, her jaw drops as she looks around the room – completely surprised by the honor!

Check out Taylor Swift’s reaction video below along with a performance of the winning song, “Better Man.”