Teen Charged For Spraying Deer Urine On $1,000 Worth Of Walmart Clothes


18-year-old Robert Schaumann and a few friends recently got in trouble when they walked into a Walmart in Ardmore, Oklahoma and sprayed deer urine on over $1,000 worth of clothes.

“[He] and several other friends were involved in it, so I don’t know what would make people think they could do that,” Sgt. Larry Payne told The Daily Armoreite. “It’s possible they were intoxicated on something, but I couldn’t tell you.”

This all happened on October 8th, 2019 and Robert has been in police custody ever since. However, after the investigation and collecting all the data from the crime, Robert was finally changed with malicious injury to property.

When Robert and his friends did it, at the time, they got away but police were able to identify him after reviewing the surveillance footage from Walmart’s security cameras. However, police weren’t able to make contact or find him until he was arrested in a separate incident involving a police chase on January 7th, The Daily Armoreite reported.

Police were responding to a drive-by shooting in the 500 block of 3rd NW and Robert reportedly fled from the home where the shooting took place. Police spotted the car he was in and Robert led them on a high-speed pursuit reaching speeds of 100 mph and lasted 4 hours.

He was found not guilty in the shooting, however, he was found guilty for attempting to evade police and spraying the deer pee on the clothes in Walmart. His bond is set for $5,000 and the court will conclude the extent of the charges on March 4th.

This is not the first time teens have sprayed deer urine on Walmart’s clothing. Two teens were arrested back in September 2014 when they sprayed and ruined $2500 worth of clothing. Check it out in the video below.