Tennessee Man Arrested After Shocking Marriage Proposal Turns Dangerous

WKRN News 2 / YouTube

In a small town in Lawrence County, Tennessee, a seemingly innocent encounter took a frightening turn when a man allegedly threatened a teenage store clerk after she rejected his marriage proposal.

The incident, which occurred at the Bonnertown Store near the Alabama state line, left the young clerk and her coworker shaken and the community on edge.

The tension-filled episode unfolded when a 26-year-old man, identified as Dustin Brian Burgett, reportedly returned to the store after purchasing items the previous day. He then proceeded to ask the 19-year-old store clerk for her hand in marriage.

When she politely declined, the situation took a drastic turn.

Lawrence County Sheriff John Myers revealed, “She proceeds to tell this guy, ‘Hey look, I’ve got a boyfriend, and I’ve got a family, and I’m not interested.'”

According to a report from WKRN News 2, Burgett, holding a bouquet of flowers, persisted in his proposal despite the young woman’s rejection. As the tension escalated, he allegedly brandished a knife and made a chilling statement, threatening harm if he did not find a spouse that day.

In a blurred-out video of the young clerk, she can be heard explaining to the police, “He was talking crazy, saying that his mom was dying and he had to take her to the hospital and he needed to marry somebody. If he didn’t get married, somebody was going to die, and he whipped out a knife.”

Fearing for their lives, the young clerks swiftly sought refuge in the store and locked themselves in the bathroom, prompting a call to 911. Law enforcement officers arrived promptly and took Burgett into custody without further incident.

While the suspect was being searched by the police, a video captured him stating, “The wedding band’s in my chest pocket there. I don’t mean no wrong.”

WKRN News 2 / YouTube

Upon securing the scene, deputies discovered a substantial amount of cash, a loaded shotgun, wedding rings, and a bouquet of red roses in Burgett’s vehicle.

Subsequently, he was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and released on bond with strict orders to have no contact with the store or its employees.

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