Texas Officer Soothes Injured Police Horse In Final Moments

Animal Justice League / Facebook

Houston Officers Loses Horse Partner In Horrible Accident

Humans and their four-legged friends often share a special, unbreakable bond. It’s a bond that lasts for years on end, which is what makes it so heartbreaking when they have to say goodbye.

If you’ve ever lost a pet before, you know how much it hurts when they pass away. The more time you spend with your beloved furry friend, the harder it is to let them go.

Officer D. Herrejon of the Houston Police Department spent countless hours with his trusty police horse partner, Charlotte. So you can imagine how devastated he was when his beloved partner was harmed in the line of duty and passed away due to her injuries.

Another Officer’s Show Of Compassion

In December 2015, Officer Herrejon and Charlotte were on duty in downtown Houston when Charlotte was spooked by something behind her. When she turned around in response, she struck a cement truck and was seriously injured. The driver of the truck was found to be at no fault in the accident.

Herrejon was transported to the hospital following the accident, but sustained no serious injuries. While he was gone, another Houston officer named Ronald Curry stepped in to comfort the dying horse. He was photographed lying next to Charlotte as she took her last breaths.

The photograph of Curry lying next to Charlotte went viral after it was shared online. While the Animal Justice League in Houston originally believed the photographed officer was Herrejon, their accompanying caption to the photo later clarified that it was Curry.

Thousands viewed the photo after it was posted, and many praised the officer for showing such compassion to the horse during her last moments on Earth.


Police Officers Pay Tribute

The Houston Police Department posted a tribute to Charlotte following her passing, writing how she joined the force as a two-year-old and quickly passed her evaluation.

She loved her job and was always ready to go to work putting bad guys in jail or giving nuzzles to children,” the department wrote.


Although it has now been over three years since Charlotte passed away, she has not been forgotten. Her story still circulates online from time to time, as does the photo of Officer Curry comforting her in her final moments.

Honor Charlotte’s life by tuning in to the below video the Houston Police Department made in her honor. You can tell how much she was loved by all of the officers on the force.

Rest in peace sweet girl, and thank you for your service.