The Beautiful Reason Kelly Clarkson’s Husband Was Left In Tears

Credit: Instagram/Kelly Clarkson

With emotions running high, her husband was left crying after witnessing one of the most beautiful and iconic pieces of musical art in recent history.

Kelly Clarkson, who is married to Reba McEntire’s former step-son, Brandon Blackstock, revealed exactly what happened during a new interview with iHeart Radio while talking about her newest piece of music and dabbling a bit in what to expect for future releases with her new label, Atlantic Records.

In case you missed it, Clarkson recently released a song on a compilation record called Hamilton Mixtape – which is a tribute to the impressive Broadway musical by famed playwright, composer and songwriter Lin Manuel Miranda.

The “mixtape” album features covers of all the original music by various music artists from all kinds of genres. It features Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Alicia Keys, and Busta Rhymes – just to name a few.

On the album, Clarkson sings a hauntingly beautiful rendition of “It’s Quiet Uptown” which covers dark subjects like the loss of a child.

When she first took on the project, Clarkson had not seen the musical herself, rather, only heard of it. She explains that this was a good thing for her prior to recording her version because it allowed her to work on the track without any outside influence or pressure from trying to match the original version.

Only after she had cut the track and finished it did she go see the musical. It was something she felt she had to do – and wanted to do!

It was there, during her very first viewing of the musical that she saw her husband, Brandon, break down in tears right before her eyes.

“Then I saw the play with my husband, and we like laughed, cried… Laughed cried some more,” Clarkson revealed during her video interview with iHeart Radio. “And we’re just like, looking at each other in awe going, ‘Okay people were talking this up a lot.’ ‘And I was like, ‘I’ve seen a lot of musicals’… I’m very hard sometimes, and it was so good. It was so fresh and just it’s just revolutionary… It was so different… He made a cowboy cry and that’s hard.”

The musical is a beautiful take on the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s Found Fathers. The show was inspired by one historian’s take on the life and history of Hamilton.

This is such a touching moment between Clarkson and her beloved husband and we are so glad she decided to share it!

Watch her full interview (along with some details about her forthcoming album) in the video below!