The Chicks Postpone Two Additional Shows

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The Chicks Postpone & Reschedule Two More Concerts After Previously Postponing Nashville Show

The Chicks were supposed to kick off their 2023 World Tour in Nashville on Thursday (July 27). But shortly before the show, the trio announced they needed to postpone.

…The Chicks must regretfully postpone tonight’s show,” they said. The group went on to cite “illness” as the reason for the postponement. 

“We are working on rescheduling and will provide a new show date as soon as possible,” they wrote. “Fans are encouraged to hold on to their tickets for the newly scheduled date. The Chicks are looking forward to seeing their Nashville fans soon and apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.”


The Chicks release statement about postponed show in Nashville
The Chicks / Instagram

Fans’ reactions to the news of the postponement were divided. Some were understanding and sent the Chicks well wishes. Others were more upset, especially since the announcement about the postponement was made hours before showtime.

After that, fans wondered if any of the Chicks’ other shows would be affected.

Fans Have Mixed Reactions To The Chicks’ Additional Postponements

Fans got their answer when the Chicks made a new announcement on social media. They revealed the need to postpone their shows in Knoxville, Tennessee and Greensboro, North Carolina as well.

The Chicks still cited “illness” as the reason for the postponements. They also announced the shows’ rescheduled dates, and shared a rescheduled date for Nashville.

They are:

August 8 – Greensboro

September 21 – Knoxville

September 23 – Nashville

Once again, fans’ reactions to the news were mixed. Lots of fans let the Chicks know they’ll be happy to see them later when everyone’s feeling better:

Get better and cannot wait to see you in September!!!” said one fan.

Another person commented, “Oh noooooo. Sad to hear but happy you are prioritizing your health and well-being.”

@thechicks feel better! Can’t wait til’ Tuesday, August 8th in Greensboro!” someone else said.

One commenter added, “Get well gals. We love you.”

But others were upset they spent a lot of money to attend one of the postponed shows. Others were aggravated they couldn’t attend the shows on the rescheduled dates:

Why move a Saturday show to a Thursday night?! People work!” someone commented.

Another fan said, “Super disappointed about the Knoxville show. It’s not fair to reschedule a weekend concert for a week day. We deserve a refund.”

How disappointing!! We not only bought tickets to the show, we bought plane tickets and paid for a hotel for the weekend to see @thechicks not cool!!” one person said.

Another follower commented, “I can’t make the Knoxville one moving it from a Saturday to a Thursday. That’s 3hrs away on a work and school night. I sure hope you’re offering refunds. You can’t expect everyone to make it on the new date. Plus now I’m out hotel costs as well!

See the Chicks’ announcement about their concert postponements below.